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BuXia: Tactics - The Kickstarter


Ends July 4, 2016


BuXia: Tactics is a 28mm (to 32mm) narrative miniatures skirmish roleplaying game, using your own miniatures.

You create a champion with allegiance to one of the 3 Imperial clans: Kitsune, Tiger, or Serpent. You fight for your clan. You duel for HONOR! Combining the Bushido Code of the samurai with the Wuxia Code of the martial arts, BuXia: Tactics puts you into the narrative action of the character you create. You skirmish against the other clans to secure land, find artifacts of lost civilizations, and earn prestige. Scenarios range from co-op situations fighting Oni to single duels. Mixing inspiration from anime, kung-fu epics, and ronin sagas we create a fun, rules light and simple 2d10 gaming system.

We create Pathfinder Compatible and 13th Age Compatible products too!

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